Summerhouse Approved

Summerhouse has been approved for low income housing.   The final vote was 5-0.

The chamber was about 70% filled with members of Rancho Community Church who all lined up to speak in favor of the project.  Those opposed mostly filled the bottom floor rooms and the room across the hall from the chamber out of sight from the Councilmembers and staff.

The attendance was huge but the public hearing dragged on until 2:30AM.

Most everybody left by 11:00PM.

If you were to take the total count, I would say that the ratio was 2:1 against Summerhouse but that is not what the Council saw.

As promised, the Mayor was able to “fill the chamber with supporters”.

For all that stood up and fought along side with us, thank you for your support.

If you decide “to turn the vote into a millstone to be slung around the necks of aye-voting council members in an upcoming election” (to quote the Californian), that is up to you.

Here is the VIDEO.


9 Responses to “Summerhouse Approved”

  1. Mike Richardson Says:

    Anyone that didn’t know the vote would be 5-0 in favor is just not paying attention. Consider the Committee of 7 as a spoonful of sugar.
    What we need to take away from this whole process is this:
    1. City Council takes the recommendations of their staff too easily. They need to follow-up with how the citizens/voters feel.
    2. City Council felt that the voters were asleep at the switch…which we were. That’s not the case now.
    3. Councilmen that vote on projects that even hint of conflict of interest should abstain from voting.
    4. Grass-roots movements do work. (The part of this project of most concern (the Rescue Mission Project)was defeated.
    5. Voters need to remember all of this at election time. It’s easy to vote for the incumbent, and I believe that’s been the case in the past. Probably not in the future.

  2. concerned business Says:

    The decision was made before the meeting took place – The meeting was just a formality, to let people vent. POOR SHOW!!!!

  3. Julie Says:

    I got a e-mail from the Mayor on Friday September 18, 2009. I had sent her a e-mail in regards to no public transportation or bus stop for these people. The school zoned for this Summerhouse project is Vail Elementary School which is 3 miles away. What parent would want their child waling 3 miles to school? Only special ed kids get free bus services to school. If this project was moved to Harveston then they could grab the green line or red line buses to three schools and businesses for the parents for jobs. The Mayor already told me they were going to vote to approve this. What a joke! Sorry she will not have my vote in 2010 election.

  4. caught off guard Says:

    Since the Council blew off all the people who opposed the project but had taken the time and trouble to attend and were seated in rooms outside the chamber…it shows that the Council doesn’t care what we think…never did…never will…I don’t think the Council has a clue as to how many people they pissed off last night and who will never cast another vote for any of them ever again.

    I would rather cast no vote at all than ever vote for these back door deal politicians ever again…

    This unholy alliance with Rancho Community Church is beyond concerning and Edwards needs to clue into the fact that there aren’t enough people in that church to re-elect her on their own.

    C’mon Temecula, let’s break up this little power cabal and chuck ’em all out!

  5. no, Im spartacus! Says:

    We now need to find good people who will listen to us and fight for us and run aginst current council members next election. We need to get these clowns out of office!

    • United States of America Says:

      Not only does our tax money pay these people .the residents of Temecula will be paying for 55 yrs. -generation after generation “very low”. I will express it again “very low” incom housing and sucking the system again welfare program tha is involved w Acorn . I just hope this city has enough money to pay for the liablity law suits caused from property they own. the city of Temecula bringing in “very low” income people from a list of 43,000 to choose from Riverside Co. People who is clueless to high to middle income life style and respect to our community
      God Bless America Time for me to get out of here

  6. don Says:

    i live in redhawk and had to work the next day so i was unable to stay till the bitter end. im not surprised of the outcome. i will let my vote do my talking for me in the next election.i would like to keep in touch the all the hard working people that were NOT IN FAVOR of a homeless shelter in the area

  7. AM Says:

    While I was not able to attend this hearing (we were out of town), I was present for the previous city council meetings and all meetings on this subject. It was blatantly obvious how the Mayor was going to vote in the end. She is completely behind this deal and this project. She has allowed her the power of her position, and her friendship with the pastor at Rancho California Church to cloud her judgment and ignore the citizens (WHO VOTED HER INTO OFFICE) and their heartfelt and wise requests to stop this project. I am more than alarmed at the alliance our current Mayor has with her church and how our city council is mixing religion with politics at their meetings and in their dealings. It is extremely biased and not in our city’s best interest. Why we would lend this much money to Bridge Housing (who has over $70 million in cash right now) makes no financial sense, and is not in the taxpayer’s best interest. The city is going to accept government kickbacks for this deal…which will be tangled with the strings that are always attached to “free money.” Sadly, as this area’s property values and quality of life continue to decrease due to this deal, the Mayor and her cronies will be long gone. The legacy of this council will be to bring down one of the most beautiful and well-run cities of Southern California. I hope it is worth it to them.

    For all of you opposed to this project: I was so proud of each and every one of you and truly enjoyed hearing your life experiences and wisdom during these meetings. It made me so proud to be a part of our great city, Temecula. Please don’t allow your fire to die, and join me in voting all of these politicians who let us all down OUT OF OFFICE!!!!!

  8. Jake Says:

    What does the sign say out in front of Sparkman Continuation School? Why is there a public hearing notice? Ironically, this sign was put up right away from the city but when it comes to Sumerhouse it took us complaining for them to put a sign up. I like how there is shopping carts parked in front of the Summerhouse complex which looks trashy. Not to mention, the old BMW parked inside the Summerhouse complex with a bum living in the car. What ever happened to NO TRESPASSING? Can’t Riverside Sheriffs tow the car? Come on code enforcement let’s do your job!! I can’t wait for the BIG VOTE in November to vote the mayor and councilmen out of office for good. I would vote for Ronald McDonald in office becasue he is for the children and kids with cancer. At least he would make a change to Temecula next to the hospital having the Ronald McDonald House. I would be the first in line to donate stuff and volunteer my time.

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