Preparing For Tuesday

No emails today.

Take the weekend to think long and hard about what you would like to say at Tuesday’s City Council Meeting.  The final vote for Bridge Housing’s presence in Temecula is here.

We need to tell the City Council once and for all that the Summerhouse project envisioned by Bridge Housing is not the vision we the residents have for Temecula. In order to do this, we need to bring precise, specific arguments. We can’t sink to the supporters’ expectations. They call us radicals, NIMBY’s, the “vocal minority”, and so many other names. It is time to put a stop to that with so many facts and well reasoned arguments that they cannot possibly complain. Leave the radical talk to them.

We need to ask questions on as many topics as possible. These can include crime, schools, area employment, public transportation, etc.

We have the commitment of two Councilmen that the questions will be answered before the vote. If too many questions are asked that cannot be sufficiently answered Tuesday night, they have only one choice. Uphold their commitment or go against it.

Remember, this is the project that the City Council vetted for five months.  Every possible question we could ask should have been answered long ago.  The public record should hold answers to all of these questions. It does not.  So now, we are at the vote, trying to get answers to five months worth of questions. They are voting on a contract, and can only be held to what is in the contract. Do not accept vague incomplete answers.  Do not accept answers about what they plan to do.  They should have thought about that already.

Go to it.

Summerhouse Public Hearing
Tuesday September 22,2009
City Council Chambers, City Hall
43200 Business Park Dr
Temecula, California 92589
Local: 951-694-6444
If you wish to speak out, please arrive at 6:30pm to fill out “request to speak” form for this agenda item.

Check back to this website.  There are still more surprises.


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