The Misinformed Mayor

This email document has been obtained through The Freedom of Information Act from City of Temecula Records and passed on to Stop Summerhouse.

There are many more so stay tuned.

THIS EMAIL is from Mayor Edwards to “Ron” dated August 14th discussing the Summerhouse project.  The notes included are ours.

In this email, the Mayor states that it is her “understanding  that the residents will not have vehicles”.  How are these people supposed to get to work?
The Mayor also mentions 4 elementary schools that are within “walking distance”.  We have included the actual distances according to Google Maps in the notes which differ from the Mayor’s distances.
The closest elementary schools on her list are Paloma Elementary and Abbey Reinke Elementary. Abbey Reinke Elementary is 1.4 miles away from Summerhouse and Paloma Elementary in 1.6 miles away.
For  Abbey Reinke Elementary,  the shortest distance would be for a child walk through the busy Albertson’s parking lot, go behind Home Depot to Campanula, cross Meadows which is busy with drivers traveling to Walmart, keep walking along Campanula, and cross De Portola to Leena Way. What parent in their right mind would allow an elementary school aged child to walk behind Home Depot and through the Albertson’s parking lot to go to and from school? The potential is very high for the child to be snatched by some creep.
For Paloma Elementary, the shortest and safest route would be for a child to walk along and cross Margarita, walk past Sparkman Alternative Education Center on Pio Pico, and continue north along Amarita until you reach the school.  Drivers travel Amarita at 40-45 mph.  Drivers tend to barrel down the Margarita hill through Pico Pico at 50 mph.
These are 8 year old kids she is talking about with parents that have no vehicles.
It should also be noted that the luxury condos across from Rancho Community Church are NOT LOW INCOME or “affordable housing”.
Is our mayor really this misinformed?

One Response to “The Misinformed Mayor”

  1. jenny Says:

    The closest house to the Summerhouse Townhouses is located at 44159 Margarita Road Temecula, CA 92592. These townhouses will be zoned for Vail Elementary School, Temecula Middle School, and Temecula High School. Remember after the closing of Sparkman Elementary School the TVUSD re-zoned everyone and this is the new boundary for this location. Abby Renike already has 1,200 student max capacity. Not to mention, 8 kindergarten teachers vs. 3 kindergarten teachers at Red Hawk Elementary School. Vail Elementary School is located at 29915 Mira Loma Drive Temecula, CA 92592. That would be almost 3 miles away from the Summerhouse complex. Only special education students get bused in the TVUSD free of charge. There is no bus stops in front of the Summerhouse complex. How are these kids getting to school if they have no transportation? This entire project is very puzzling to me. I’m all for Ronald Mc Donald townhouses next to our brand new future hospital on Temecula Parkway. This could house families with children who have cancer, heart problems and need emergency surgery, and or NICU babies who have to be in the hospital longer then 5 days. What about 55+ Senior affordable housing? Seniors are less likely to commit crimes. Transitional housing is for paroles fresh out of jail and 88% will commit crimes again. Not to mention, Sex offenders living in this complex too. It’s already enough to be dealing with Sparkman Continuation School. Our home values will go down from this too. The list goes on.

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