Idea Of Being Unbiased

THIS EMAIL document has been obtained through The Freedom of Information Act from City of Temecula Records and passed on to Stop Summerhouse.
In the first part of this document, the Mayor is requesting that the City Attorney state in stronger language that she does not have a conflict of interest.  Perhaps she protests too much?
In the second part, the Mayor states that she wants to fill Council Chambers with supporters of Bridge and low income housing on Sept 8th and 22nd.  She also states that she is, on behalf of the city, fully committed to our partnership with Bridge.
Our opposition to the project is a “weed patch” for them to get past, according to the mayor.
Are these the statements of someone who is supposed to remain unbiased before all the facts are presented on Sept 22nd?

2 Responses to “Idea Of Being Unbiased”

  1. I am spartacus Says:

    She also lives next door to the Pastor of Rancho Community church and claims to be good friends with him. Im no lawyer but that seems like a conflict of intrest and shows a major bias to me.

    This whole thing makes me sick! The RCC and the mayor is on a revenge kick for having to withdrawal their application for the transitional housing part. The church officials are and council members are blinded by greed, power, and revenge. Their actions to us home and business-owning “opposition” have been unethical, shameful, threatning, and most of all… UnChristian. My suggestion to rest of the congregation of RCC read between the lines of what is REALLY going on… Stay away from the Kool-Aid.

  2. Fred Says:

    This may not politically correct; but, when I spoke to the people from Bridge last Thursday they told me that folks in violation of the law were not permissable as tenants in the project. When I asked about the screening process to not allow illegal aliens in they tap danced around the question stating that if they have a good rental and work history, they would be allowed as tenents. The hypocrisyof that statement. No law breakers allowed, but folks who violate federal law by illegally coming into the country and may even engage in identity theft to allow project themselves as legal residents does not sound not like law abiding tenants to me.
    When I expressed my concerns to Patrick Richardson, he was condescending and argumentative. He stated that it will not matter five years from now and no one will know the project is there. I will know and so will many of the others concerned about this project.

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