The “Loud Minority” Is Actually “The Majority” AND “Where’s The Study?”

So writes Aaron Claverie of The Californian:

Maybe they should be called the “loud majority.”

During Tuesday’s City Council meeting, supporters of plans to build 90 units of affordable housing at the northwest corner of Margarita and Dartolo roads called opponents of the proposed complex the “loud minority.”…

But when the final speaker had weighed in Tuesday night, it was the opponents of the proposed affordable housing complex who outnumbered the supporters.

The final tally was 13 people opposed and 11 people in favor.

The entire article is HERE.

Mr. Claverie must think this is some type of sporting event.  Nice article but he missed the “real story” that actually unfolded that night.

You can watch the video of the entire meeting HERE.  But pay close attention to the speaker in the video starting at 00:43:30.

The Temecula Redevelopment Agency (RDA) spent nearly $100,000 of community money over a 9 month period on studies for Summerhouse.  According to Patrick Richardson of the RDA, this study shows no negative impacts. Patrick Richardson actually stated that this study showed that crime would decrease, surrounding property values would increase, and that traffic at that intersection would also improve if this project were to be finished.

Guess what?  There is no independent report or study!

So what did the Redevelopment Agency spend $100,000 on? Why isn’t this the story in The Californian or The Press Enterprise? The documents have been pulled and are organized for the taking and not one reporter in the room was interested in this juicy tidbit.


One Response to “The “Loud Minority” Is Actually “The Majority” AND “Where’s The Study?””

  1. Mike Richardson Says:

    Take a look at the video from last night’s meeting. At approx 01:17:56 as members of the opposition leave the meeting, you can clearly hear an exchange between Councilman Washington and Councilman Roberts:
    “you’re never going to make THOSE people happy. The only thing we can do is stay strong as a group. We’re not here to make THOSE people happy”. I’m sorry, but there are two or three members of this council that need to be shown the door. I have great respect for Councilman Naggar and Councilman Comerchero…but the other three have forgotten that they serve the people. As one of the speakers at the RCC workshop said, “if you don’t like what they’re doing, throw the bums out.”
    It’s time for a change.

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