Chuck Washington Caught On Mike

Commenter Mike Richardson points out an exchange that takes place between Councilman Chuck Washington and Councilman Ron Roberts as the room clears from the Sept 8th City Council Meeting.

The exchange takes place starting at 01:17:40 on THIS VIDEO.

Washington: “You’re not going to make those people happy.”

Roberts:  “I know.”

Washington: “Whatever we put up (crosstalk). The only thing we could do is be strong as a group.  We’re not here to make those people happy.

Councilman Roberts,

I think you know what it is you have to do to make those people happy. You’re up for re-election in 2010.  Councilman Washington is not up until 2012.  You are more at risk at losing your seat than he is.

It is nice to know that Chuck Washington thinks that the Councilmembers are not there to make “those people” happy.  Perhaps it’s more important for him to make Bridge Housing happy than his own constituents?  The arrogance is incredible.

EDIT: This entire post has been emailed to Councilman Roberts exactly as shown here.  Any alterations, additions, and/or invectives to the email did not originate from Stop Summerhouse (since that’s the game “they” are playing now).


4 Responses to “Chuck Washington Caught On Mike”

  1. caught off guard Says:

    arrogant, out of touch and clearly incompetent… what’s that I hear??? more people bailing out of the rickety old chuck wagon…

    Obviously Washington cares most about himself…that much is evident.

    His callous attitude towards Temecula residents who are opposed to this project ( and that number is much, much larger that the Council realizes… ) exposes how unqualified he is to be making decisions that will affect both the immediate future of this town, as well as the future of the quality of life here in Temecula.

    This complete unwillingness of Washington to examine this issue for the good of the city, especially in face of the grassroots opposition that has sprung up, is concrete evidence that Washington promotes the agenda of outsiders first and always.

    Small town politics at its worst

  2. Getting what we deserve Says:

    Well we voted him in again! We had three other choices and we overwhelmingly voted him in. So now we have to sit in it. Maybe we should have listened to some of the information given to us in the last election……

  3. Doc laine Says:

    I have differences with The NIMBYs who seem mean spirited and a little misinformed. That’s for another discussion..I do NOT have any trust in the decisions or clarity of the City Council…I have been before them many times and have been patronized stonewalled and generally screwed with. Their money decisions made in favor of one party or the other has been murkey at best and downright crooked at the worst It’s not a even playing field when you have to deal with the City..Favored developers get favored treatment the others get the shaft… I have no reason to trust them this time around..The Citizens of Temecula keep voting them in. There will be a next time, so work to vote them out…….

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