Paul Jacobs Finally Gets It Right

What happened  within this last week that caused Paul Jacobs of The Californian to write this?

From the article:

What I have previously described as a mob scene of people irate over the idea of affordable housing in their part of town, is actually an understandable and predictable reaction, according to research by the Kettering Foundation (

In an article on strengthening civic life, Alice Diebel writes, “When people have limited opportunities to participate in meaningful ways, they resort to saying ‘no’ to block an action … Without citizen engagement, our communities and our nation lose the needed values check on public issues.”

Correct, Mr. Jacobs.  When the perception of backroom deals between the City, Bridge LLC, and the Rescue Mission take place, what is the public supposed to think?

In the Community Forums section of the paper right next to Mr. Jacobs article, an excellent piece is written by Bret Kelley:


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