A Selection of Links Exposing the Unethical Practices of Bridge Housing Corporation

Bridge Housing making a “fast buck” Here’s a quote from the article:

“Mercy Housing and Bridge Housing are no better. All these developers expect to get money from the federal and state governments to carry out their devious plans. These crooked developers do not care about the poor people and families who need help the most.
None of them believe in empowering poor people to determine their own destiny. They see the areas in question as the last frontier, and they want to make a fast buck. They would have started their projects long ago, but California’s sad fiscal situation slowed the process. Now the stimulus package is being used to give money to these rogue developers.”

Read more at:


Bridge Housing involvement with deliberate re-zoning and subsequent Land Grab…here’s a quote from the article:

“Matt Seubert, project planner with the San Mateo County Planning Department, said the county deliberately re-zoned the land under the Meadowbrook Mobile Home Manor in 1993, making it a combination of commercial and industrial uses to prepare for the growth around the Colma BART station.
The zoning also made it easier for the BRIDGE Housing Corp., the nonprofit that intends to build the low-income apartments, to sell off part of the parcel for market rate condominiums.”

Read more here…


Here’s a list of ‘donors’ to Bridge Housing Corporation…look on page two and you’ll see Fannie Mae and the Fannie Mae Foundation a.k.a. ground zero of the mortgage meltdown…your tax dollars at work funding political agendas:


Bridge Housing fined $2,000+ for failure to disclose late campaign contribution:


Another Unfair Political Practices Fine levied against Bridge:


The nearly $18,000 Bridge Housing Contributed to the ‘Yes on Prop 1 C’ campaign advocating public funding for public housing:



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