Runaway Redevelopment in Temecula

The Temecula Re-Development Agency is an out of touch, unaccountable bureaucratic entity, seemingly hell bent on building housing during the worst economic downturn in our lives. This agency intends to implement this Low Income Housing project in a city with multiple empty houses. Mr. Richardson slapped down Low Income Housing throughout Vista, CA and now he’s here in Temecula with the same game plan.

This focus on housing is completely illogical when considering the penchant of the Temecula city council to routinely avoid addressing the egregious traffic congestion that plagues our city. Development continues at breakneck speed without with any semblance of a coherent traffic plan. The ever-increasing, dangerous traffic problem in Temecula continues to get shoved to the back burner while the city builds a brand new city council building and now apparently multiple Low Income Housing projects.

They’re planning to build all of this Low Income Housing in Temecula without functional public transportation, disappearing jobs and out of control traffic congestion. Their response when questioned is to blame the whole mess on a state mandate. The state of California with its abysmal management is in no position to force any mandates on our city while busy dipping into our local fiscal reserve.

Is there competent leadership at any level in this state? We have clearly defined our position in regards to Low Income Housing; we don’t want the character of our city to be altered in subservience to a state mandate. Bridge Housing, the local Re-Development Agency and the City Council are all out of touch with the citizens of Temecula. We are most notably opposed to the Low Income Housing project slated for Summerhouse, as well as generally opposed to this rush forward into Low Income building projects; each saddled with a 55-year lease.

Bridge Housing tells us that they’ll slap a fancy stucco roof on the Low Income Housing project at the corner of Margarita and Dartolo road. Apparently this is supposed to shut the NIMBYs up. Stylish architecture does nothing to distract us from the 55-year lease that has a Section 8 Housing ring to it. So, here we are, trying to find extra hours at work or at a second job to hang onto our own homes in this worsening economy while navigating the local landmine of traffic and we’re supposed to just look away; as this unapproachable city council and their unaccountable Re-Development team, hook up with Bridge to build Low Income housing in a city with empty houses?

Bridge Housing Corporation warrants a far closer inspection considering the seemingly endless list of ‘donors’ who contribute to this non-profit organization. Among the donors that were publicly listed were Fannie Mae and the Fannie Mae Foundation; a.k.a. ground zero of the mortgage meltdown. This long list of donors provides all those dollars Bridge is forever tossing around in the political arena including the nearly $18,000 contributed to the “Yes on Prop 1C” campaign that pushed public funding for public housing.

Bridge appears open to any tactic necessary to push into established neighborhoods be it ‘pay to play’ or influencing local legislative bodies on zoning issues. We’re immune to the political correctness ploys being hurled at us from the pages of the ‘Californian’ newspaper. We’re hardworking folks who sacrificed and saved to move into these neighborhoods and continue to do the same to hang onto our houses. Our city isn’t up for sale to a questionable bidder. It’s time for the council to consider the opinion of the residents, as well as the consequence that possibly await them in the next election cycle.

Will the city council put Temecula first; ahead of Bridge Housing, ahead of the runaway Re-Development agency and ahead of their latest land development deal? Let us remind the Temecula City Council that according to the ‘Brown Act’ “The people do not yield their sovereignty to the bodies that serve them. The people insist on remaining informed to retain control over the legislative bodies they have created.” Force this Low Income Housing on our city and we will remind each one of you about it on Election Day.


2 Responses to “Runaway Redevelopment in Temecula”

  1. Mike B Says:

    I applaud the citizens that are protecting the thousands of people that have homes in the surrounding area of the Summerhouse project. The city planners can tell us that the zoning did not change from the original 55+ project but there is definitely a difference. I’m in a neighborhood very close to Summerhouse and will automatically take a negative hit in home value once that project is open for business, thus allowing our family to give less annually and the years ahead to charitable works and our church. We have to give our Temecula City Council some kudos for slick trickery and fast cycling this project with minimal exposure and only the articles in the local papers. Now that the news is out, there are a lot of people that no longer trust the Council members. The City Council members and staff will enjoy the satisfaction of being the caring hearts of Temecula while they select a site far from the neighborhoods they live in. City Council, shame on you. The only vote that matters here should be the 2,000+ homeowners that are close to Summerhouse and will feel the financial impact. Council……apply that same effort and gamesmanship with the hospital project that is idling, and vote note to Bridge’s new plan at Summerhouse.

  2. concerned business Says:

    As a commercial business owner in the area i am very concerned that they would use the most expensive parcel of real estate to do a low income housing project right in the middle of town. This will not only effect home owners, in the area, but also businesses. I am not against the project, but you need to re-consider the location, this is not where you need to put it. Please re-evaluate the location of the summerhouse project, As it is with the school that went from elementary to remedial school, has already effected the area. I have read a lot of articles on this and i don’t think i read any where ” That the low income housing is good for the area. Also I don’t think the residents were given enough notice to voice there opinion. AGAIN THE KEYWORD HERE IS LOCATION!!! LOCATION!! LOCATION!

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