Obvious Corruption!!

This post comes from  commenter Craig Edmunds.

Obvious Corruption!

After talking with Bridge representatives, the level of corruption is even deeper than I thought. The Bridge representatives said that they had been contracted by the city to build 90 low-cost units.

However, the 90 units are a done deal, and will be built regardless of the citizen’s wishes. Thank you, Mayor Edwards, and the Temecula City Council, city planner, and all others who attempted to quietly push this through and evidently were successful.

I also learned that Bridge was building the 90 units at a cost of $3 million. However, why did Mayor Edwards and Riverside County’s Jeff Stone pledge $2.3 to $2.5 million of public funds to RCC/Temecula Murrieta Rescue Mission (the mission is a shell organization of RCC) over four months ago? The Bridge representatives indicated that RCC/TMRM planned on using someone within their organization to build the units “at cost” with “sweat labor.” HOW CAN BRIDGE MAKE A PROFIT BUILDING 90 UNITS WITH $3 MILLION AND RCC/TMRM CAN ONLY “BREAK EVEN” BUILDING ONLY 20 UNITS — some of which are already partially constructed — FOR $2.3 to $2.5 MILLION?

Members of RCC, the mayor, and city council members claim that this is “charitable,” and I would have to agree. However, who is receiving the millions of dollars of charity? RCC, the mayor (who attends RCC), Jeff Stone, the city council (who have not answered my questions regarding their affiliation with RCC or TMRC?

There needs to be an official investigation — criminal or otherwise — to find out why/how a city government can even pledge this kind of money to religious institutions — especially those with whom they have close ties. Recall? Yes. Voted out of office? Yes. Unethical / illegal appropriation of public funds cannot / should not be tolerated by anyone, regardless of how “charitable, caring, and compassionate” they claim to be.

Now that TMRM has pulled out of the deal, it is our understanding that the low income housing by Bridge has to be restructured and then re-approved by the City Council on Sept 22nd.  Bridge is going to be holding their public forum “sales pitch” on Sept 10th.

As far as a recall and voting them out of office, that’s up to the citizens.


2 Responses to “Obvious Corruption!!”

  1. Myriam Says:

    I just came from vacation and did not know anything about this outrageous negative project. I live aroung the corner from this and surely will like to go protest against it! Is there another date set for this? Are you doing anything else to make our neighbors more aware of what is going on? Please let me know if there is something I can help with like taking any awarness flyers to people’s homes!

  2. Doc laine Says:

    I belive in the idea using the propertry in question for affiordable and low income housing in a structured and well managed way, A senior project would be a good bet.

    I have however, had my dealings with our present City Council,and it was a 99% negative experience…I’ve read many blogs on this subject coming from Nimbys, some of them pretty nasty individuals..

    This article is not one of those…It pinpoints the inside dealings and corruption that permiates this City and this County in so many ways…..This City Council has been at the table way to long, and needs to be replaced with a new group that dosen’t cut corners for their connected developer friends and have their hands out for a loose buck………AS long as people just keep voting for these incumbents without doing the research necessary to make educated assesment,it’s our fault that these people are allowed to hang around and make some of the out of whack decisions they do…

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