August 25th Public Comments

Here is the VIDEO from the August 25th City Council meeting.

Click on Public Comments.

The room was filled to the point where they had to open a spare room across the hall and provide a video feed. After Public Comments ended, almost everyone left. The room was virtually empty.

We’d like to thank Councilmen Roberts and Naggar for considering a delay in the vote until we have all of our questions answered. We’d especially like to thank Councilman Naggar for letting us know that we have done everything correctly. We appreciate it.

Part of the video is missing audio. We have been told that this will be fixed by tomorrow.

EDIT: The Californian covers the story most likely from watching the posted video.


One Response to “August 25th Public Comments”

  1. spartacus Says:

    It would be great if most homeless families and persons would fit the stereotype of hard working people who have sucum to todays financial woes and job layoffs and got the temporary help they need, like the Summerhouse was intended for… Realistically, its not the case, in MOST cases.
    I resent people who try to make me feel bad for not being sympathetic to people who have spent most their lives making wrong decisions, having babies when they can’t pay for them, getting into trouble, etc. and expect me to pay for it.
    I dare someone to walk around Buena Park at night around a rescue mission. I bet it would scare the crap out of you. Try walking around Tustin at night around a rescue mission.
    Truth be told, these arnt all fairy tale stories. Thank you RCC for withdrawing your application. Your heart is in the right place, just Not In My Back Yard.

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