Andy McIntosh Thinks We Are Droolers

We are writing to you today in your “facade of tony homes with plenty of drug and alcohol abuse within them”. Pardon me for interrupting “your drooling and vitriolic hatred”.

An editorial was written about us:

Mr. McIntosh,

We have done our research.

We have looked up the public records of the “success stories” of the Orange County Rescue Mission in the Orange County Superior Court website and found individuals being re-arrested for violent crimes. We’ve found myspace pages of these “success stories” and even posted one up that is still affiliated with a gang and is friends with gang members. We have posted TWICE that three quarters of the “success stories” posted on the Orange County Rescue Mission’s website reference drugs, alcohol, gangs, or prison. We have found that The Village of Hope requires a breathalyzer test every time to enter. Why would that be needed if there are no substance abuse problems?

We have people in our group that have personal experience as social workers and experience in police programs.

Within our group that was at the “workshop rebellion”, we saw all walks of life present. Police officers, teachers, engineers, business men, wives, laboratory techs, and ex-marines. All of them “drooling”, right Andy?

What Mr. McIntosh keeps glossing over is that the Temecula City Council never notified the surrounding residents or businesses of what their plans were for Summerhouse and is just ramming it through.

Who does the City Council and the RDA work for? The citizens of Temecula or Bridge Housing and the Rescue Mission?

Why isn’t The Californian looking into THIS story? Isn’t the press supposed to be our watchdog? Apparently not.

Maybe Mr. McIntosh thinks it’s great to have a city government dictate what is good for us. We don’t. We have many questions that we want answered and we are not satisfied with the answers given. When Mr. Naggar rode up on his bicycle, he promised to vote for a delay until we have EVERY QUESTION ANSWERED. We will hold him to that.

Last article, Mr. McIntosh called us “Beverly Hills transplants” insinuating that we are a bunch of stuck up snobs. Yes, Andy.  Every person living in Beverly Hills dreams of living in a 1700 square foot box in a planned community in the Inland Empire.

Your insults don’t bother us, Mr. McIntosh. But it really reveals what a petty little man you really are.


One Response to “Andy McIntosh Thinks We Are Droolers”

  1. Erika Hornisch Says:

    I found the article in the Californian by Mr. McIntosh extremely despicable. It is always amazing to me that people who are not impacted by this are all for a project like that. I don’t see any housing like this going up in Mr. McIntosh’s area or in the neighborhood of any of our council members.

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