The Ties That Bind

In the comments section of this blog’s first article, Gordon Hall writes:

Found and article Rancho Community Church launches Temecula and Murietta Rescue Mission dated April 17,2009 issue 16 vol. 9 wherein Riverside County Commissioner, Jeff Stone, pledged 2.5 million dollars of public monies to further the cause of the Temecula Murietta Rescue Mission. The mayor of Temecula, Mary Ann Edwards, also pledged 2.5 million dollars for this noble cause..(direct quote).. These two both were in attendance at the church on easter weekend..The church then had a ribbon cutting ceremony with pastor Scott Treadway,Jeff Stone, and Mary Ann Edwards assisting.

Both Jeff Stone and Mary Ann Edwards have made pledges of public monies without any regard for public opinion. Further neither had the right to pledge public monies for a private and established rescue mission who by the way has their own monies. This is a total mis-use of public monies, a conflict of interest, and certainly raises doubts of two elected officials ability to use public monies properly and for the interests of the public. Both made personal pledges which you cannot due unless they both are contributing as individuals only.

I for one will be at the September 8,2009 meeting and if this passes it will be incumbent upon everyone to start a movement to remove this county supervisor and our mayor from office..This type of manipulating public funds cannot be tolerated.

In closing I dont believe that any federal monies had been given to the county of riverside back in April.. again folks be aware this is public monies that were pledged to a church.

Here is that article.

Pastor Scott Treadway is Lead Pastor at RCC.  Mayor Maryann Edwards is his next door neighbor and sings in the RCC choir.   Pastor Scott Treadway is on the Leadership Team of the Temecula Murrieta Rescue Mission.  Nope.  No conflict of interest here.


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