For All The Newcomers To This Site

Here is where the story begins:


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  1. Wave Says:

    The homeless facility was nothing more than the usual deception of certain City Council members and developer interest. The City did not want a public hearing and found a way to avoid the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requirements by manipulating the law. They simply filed a Notice of Exemption.

    The City Council was able to circumvent a CEQA document by exemption from CEQA. The conspirators took the 110 unit project and split it apart to fulfill the exemption requirements under the CEQA Guidelines (see below “100 units or fewer”). 90 units are for low, very low, extremely low income housing and 20 units are for “transitional housing” (homeless).

    City of Temecula Planner Patrick Richardson originally came from the City of Vista where several of the homeless facilities were created for San Diego County. Changed Vista forever.

    “Public Resources Code Sections 21083, 21159.23 and State Guidelines Section 15194. CEQA does not apply to any development project that consists of the construction, conversion, or use of residential housing consisting of one hundred (100) or fewer units that are affordable to low-income households….”

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