How The Californian Covered “The Workshop”

The Californian writes about us:

Jeff Rowe glosses over the fact that many of the questions (and there were some great ones) involved  the underhanded process of not informing the public of putting low income housing and a homeless shelter in the area, the questionable location of this project, and the process involving how the homeless would be picked to live there among other things.  Instead, he just portrays the crowd as fearful hypocrites.

Not surprising since The Californian supports Summerhouse anyway. Frustrating, but not surprising.

Mr. Rowe wrote that every seat in the chamber was full.  That was true.  But he also wrote that there were 100 in attendance.

We counted about 50 seats on each wing, 50 to 75 in the center, 30 to 40 along the back and walls, and there were people standing in the back as well.

There was over 200.

Those who were there really know what happened last night and we are going to continue our fight.


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