Temecula City Council Approves Low Income Housing

On August 11, 2009, the Temecula City Council approved the Summerhouse project on Margarita and Temecula Parkway (next to AM/PM) for low-income housing. Included in the complex will be transitional housing for the homeless.

The first article that brought this to my attention was posted in the local paper The Californian.


The second article posted in The Californian was on the front page.


The City Council approved the project as shown in The Californian just this week.


Here is a video of that City Council Meeting:


I was at this meeting. And I can tell you that with the exception of one or two of the “for” side speakers, I saw them all talking to each other and the pastor of Rancho Community Church which leads me to believe that they all knew each other before hand. The Rancho Community Church has a big hand in this project and some of the City Council members attend that church.  I suspect that most of the speakers were probably members of the Church as well. You will also notice while watching the video that the people selling this project the hardest IS THE CITY COUNCIL!!

Only a handful of people on the “opposed” side showed up to this meeting.  Two came together and left early.  The other two knew each other.

If you are visiting this website, chances are you had no idea that this project was going on.

The low income project has already been approved but the transitional housing part is still under consideration.

The transitional housing is intended for the homeless. While short-term goals seem noble, projects like this will simply NOT go away and MAY eventually turn into transitional housing for criminals and MAY also import the overflow of homeless from other parts of the county into our neighborhood NO MATTER HOW THEY SPIN IT!

They say it’s for helping families. It could be at first. But once this thing is in, we all know that it is NEVER going to go away.  The low income housing is LOCKED IN FOR 55 YEARS.  The homeless shelter will also be LOCKED IN FOR 55 YEARS once approved.

Since this project will be done with the County of Riverside, you can bet that problems from other areas of the county that are burdened will be placed here.

Money for the city to house criminals? Sure. When it comes to politics, it’s ALWAYS about money.

The members of the City Council will not be in office forever and some will even be promoted to regional office.

That means that this project will be out of their hands and in the hands of others and the current Council members can wash their hands of it if things go array.

This is a potential cancer to our neighborhood and we must prevent it from ever taking hold.

We are just a few concerned residents in the area. We just want you to know what we think. We have under one month to go and we can’t do it alone.

We have to band together in LARGE NUMBERS and show the City Council what we think of this project and let them know that their next re-election effort will be their last and we will remember their names to make sure they don’t get elected to dog catcher.

We must attend the City Council meetings in LARGE NUMBERS.

Here is their schedule of upcoming meetings.


We have to show up to every one of these in LARGE NUMBERS until after they vote on the project. This is the only way we’ll be able to affect change.

DO NOT be misled by talk of  “helpless women and children”.  There is no special consideration for them, just a first come, first served list.

Lake Elsinore and Wildomar residents were able to beat their city’s attempt to open up a homeless shelter by attending City Council meetings in LARGE NUMBERS expressing their unified opposition.

We can do the same.

More to come…..

Any thoughts, comments, and suggestions would be appreciated.


12 Responses to “Temecula City Council Approves Low Income Housing”

  1. MO Says:

    I was at the meeting as well and I highly recommend watching the video posted on this site.

    I resent being called heartless, I am a loving mother and grandmother and wife. I am sad about the money I spend on taxes that is not appreciated by the people who spend it so freely, and then call me names. I’m the person who does the right thing and takes care not to burden anyone. But that’s not enough some how I’m the bad guy, even though I’m a producer.

    The Quakers have a saying, “pray and move your feet!”

  2. kelleysgirl Says:

    This is an incredibly informing article! I too am a concerned, taxpaying, law abiding citizen of Temecula and am opposed to this concerted effort by our city council to sneak this in on us. I’m very displeased and regret that I voted for many of these council members. I’ll be happy to lend my support to the Stop Summer House effort.

  3. Dollars Says:

    ** Sorry – I originally posted my comment in the wrong place. **

    The excerpts below are from a Californian newspaper article found here: http://www.nctimes.com/news/local/temecula/article_b186a22d-6f15-5f70-89b2-59c3d884c388.html

    ” The city expects to chip in some redevelopment money…”

    “The city also is enthusiastic about the county-city-charity partnership. “I like this vision,” said Councilman Chuck Washington.”

    “The Rescue Mission will own and operate 20 of the apartment units at Summerhouse.”

    “A partially built apartment complex will be completed using federal stimulus funds and city redevelopment money, and, in a partnership with an Orange County nonprofit organization,”

    “county’s Economic Development Agency and the Orange County Rescue Mission”

    “county supervisors approved a recommendation to designate $2.5 million in federal stimulus money to the project.”

    “The new developer of the project will be Bridge Housing Corp. of San Francisco”

    End of excerpts.

    So we have millions in tax payer dollars from Federal, County, and local coffers being literally gifted to a church and a Bay Area developer. Look for ties between Jeff Stone, Ron Roberts, Chuck Washington, Tom Freeman, and other proponent players in this game. Connect the dots: Federal Stimulus Funds – Jeff Stone District 3 Supervisor (former Temecula mayor) – Riverside County EDA – City of Temecula – Orange County Rescue Mission – Bridge Housing – Rancho Community Church.

    In the end it is always about the money no matter how noble the cause might be portrayed. Giving tax payer dollars to private developers and churches in this manner is a pitiful ruse under the guise of benevolence.

  4. Penny Walker Says:

    I do not want my neighborhood invaded by hoodlims. Its bad enough that our houses have lost so much equity, but can you emagine what will happen if low income, homeless, and criminals move in our neighborhood?
    This would be a BIG mistake for the city of Temecula. I am proud to live here, but if the city decided to do this Summerhouse Project, I think Temecula will loose a lot of very caring family that take pride in their city.

  5. caught off guard Says:

    Why was the community not adequately notified of a project of such a long term nature?…55 years! I watched the video and did not appreciate Mary Ann Edwards lecturing me on morality. Is that the new job of the Mayor? – to condemn anyone who does not agree with her? The way I see it…her Pastor lives next door to her and their coziness on the project seems like a conflict of interest. In politics… perception is everything and that relationship is obviously driving this project.

    If people would just put aside the nature of the project and look at the process by which the council rammed this through they might begin to understand our concern. I’m sure there is something that would bother you if the council rammed it through like they’re doing here. It’s the process folks…rather lacking in transparency.

    If questions were answered and concerns were addressed there would be no need for this site. The city did not address how they plan to guarantee the stability of such a project for the next 55 years.

    After all, it’s the transitional housing element of this project…the unknown, the untenable portion that has folks concerned. If you have no problem with your city council dictating to you well, that’s your issue – I do!

    It’s a local govt. that is unnaccountable to the citizens and not permitting public input that such a project requires.
    What happens 10, 20, 40 years down the road when these folks are long gone? What if those entities stepping up to be responsible today are not there tomorrow? Whose responsible then?

  6. Erika Hornisch Says:

    At first I thought, well maybe, why not try and help someone who is in need for a leg up from this community, but from what I am hearing and reading this would not be the case.
    I have since changed my mind and I too am not heartless or uncaring, but one has to look to the future and protect oneself.
    I did not know that all of Riverside county could be using this facility and I also was not aware of this project having a 55 year term. Therefor, as I said I have changed my mind and am against using it for the proposed purpose.

  7. Whitney Says:

    It is irresponsible and “heartless” for the city council to risk the safety of it’s hard working, tax paying citizens, and sneak a homeless shelter so close to families and children!

    Why can’t they just move it to an industrial area (preferably far away from Temecula) so they could,

    find employment…

    walk to work…

    and work their OWN way up to a better living situation…

    like the rest of us!

    As for the homeless that can’t work due to mental illness, addiction, or chronic disease…
    I don’t want that around my neighborhood!

    And shame on our elected officials for condeming us for being concerned for our own families safety and trying to preserve the last bit of equity in the homes we have worked so hard to achieve!

  8. Sarah Says:

    I can not believe that the Mayor is even considering something like this? I moved to Temecula because of the atmosphere and feel in love and purchased a home here becasue of the community and how everyone cared about how they lived.

    There is no major areas of work here, no transit – so how are they suppose to get on there feet and make a better life??

    I have worked to hard on my Home and Career to have someone sitting in an ELECTED OFFICE try and deminish all that I have acheived – I did not choose to live in a crime infested area I choose Temecula.

  9. concerned neighbor Says:

    I live near the project and I am outraged we were not notified with the details of this long term decision. I am 100% opposed and I would not have purchased my home in this neighborhood had I known this type of house was being implemented. The mayor owes the people in this area and explanation as to why this was not brought to our attention BEFORE any decisions were made. I am guessing she doesn’t live nearby.

  10. Gordon Hall Says:

    Found and article Rancho Community Church launches Temecula and Murietta Rescue Mission dated April 17,2009 issue 16 vol. 9 wherein Riverside County Commissioner, Jeff Stone, pledged 2.5 million dollars of public monies to further the cause of the Temecula Murietta Rescue Mission. The mayor of Temecula, Mary Ann Edwards, also pledged 2.5 million dollars for this noble cause..(direct quote).. These two both were in attendance at the church on easter weekend..The church then had a ribbon cutting ceremony with pastor Scott Treadway,Jeff Stone, and Mary Ann Edwards assisting.

    Both Jeff Stone and Mary Ann Edwards have made pledges of public monies without any regard for public opinion. Further neither had the right to pledge public monies for a private and established rescue mission who by the way has their own monies. This is a total mis-use of public monies, a conflict of interest, and certainly raises doubts of two elected officials ability to use public monies properly and for the interests of the public. Both made personal pledges which you cannot due unless they both are contributing as individuals only.

    I for one will be at the September 8,2009 meeting and if this passes it will be incumbent upon everyone to start a movement to remove this county supervisor and our mayor from office..This type of manipulating public funds cannot be tolerated.

    In closing I dont believe that any federal monies had been given to the county of riverside back in April.. again folks be aware this is public monies that were pledged to a church.

  11. anne gregorio Says:

    I am strongly opposed to this project. I have 7 years total direct experience with transitional housing and the residents of such programs. I have a masters in social work and have been the coordinator of such programs. My income is low considering the amount of effort and education level I have acheived. However I do it because I like to help people.

    The problem is that the success rate is low and I do not bring home the people I work so hard to help. While that may sound contary it is the reality because I know what happens in the lives of this population and I know there are many failures to one success. Another words if you have 100 families and you succeed with 4 families that would be a great year. Also before 1 person succeeds in change there are many failures. This is human nature I have 8 years of the study of human nature at the college level.

    Also there diffentely is a conflict of interest between the church and government. The major and at least one council belong to the church. The major is in the choir at Rancho Community Church.

  12. For All The Newcomers To This Site « Stop Summerhouse Says:

    […] https://stopsummerhouse.wordpress.com/2009/08/14/temecula-city-council-approves-low-income-housing/ […]

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