Housing workshop set for Tuesday August 18th

From The Californian:

The city is staging a workshop for Temecula residents curious or concerned about how the city carves out space for affordable housing complexes.The workshop is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday in the field operations center’s second-floor training room at 43230 Business Park Drive.

These sort of workshops are required as part of the city’s update of what’s called a “housing element,” a state-mandated document that is designed to clearly spell out where a particular city plans to make room for the housing needs of each socioeconomic segment of the community.

California housing officials review these documents to make sure that cities are providing their fair share of affordable housing. The cities that don’t complete their plans to the state’s satisfaction can run the risk of losing funding.

For more on the workshop, call senior planner Emery Papp at 951-694-6400.

Link to the article:


We need to be there,  people.

This article was posted in The Californian online edition.  There was no printing of it in the actual newspaper that we could find.

EDIT: The newspaper printed this story in Saturday’s edition.


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