Email list

We would like everybody that supports this cause to send us an email at:

We will email you any updates and keep you abreast of any new information.  This will be the only way we will be able to communicate with each other so emailing us your email address in VERY important. We have to stay together and we have to go to more than one meeting.  We expect that the City will not play fair. They could add dates unexpectedly, postpone meetings, etc.  Sometimes, they could give you 12 hours notice.


One Response to “Email list”

  1. Dollars Says:

    The excerpts below are from a Californian newspaper article found here:

    ” The city expects to chip in some redevelopment money…”

    “The city also is enthusiastic about the county-city-charity partnership. “I like this vision,” said Councilman Chuck Washington.”

    “The Rescue Mission will own and operate 20 of the apartment units at Summerhouse.”

    “A partially built apartment complex will be completed using federal stimulus funds and city redevelopment money, and, in a partnership with an Orange County nonprofit organization,”

    “county’s Economic Development Agency and the Orange County Rescue Mission”

    “county supervisors approved a recommendation to designate $2.5 million in federal stimulus money to the project.”

    “The new developer of the project will be Bridge Housing Corp. of San Francisco”

    End of excerpts.

    So we have millions in tax payer dollars from Federal, County, and local coffers being literally gifted to a church and a Bay Area developer. Look for ties between Jeff Stone, Ron Roberts, Chuck Washington, Tom Freeman, and other proponent players in this game. Connect the dots: Federal Stimulus Funds – Jeff Stone District 3 Supervisor (former Temecula mayor) – Riverside County EDA – City of Temecula – Orange County Rescue Mission – Bridge Housing – Rancho Community Church.

    In the end it is always about the money no matter how noble the cause might be portrayed. Giving tax payer dollars to private developers and churches in this manner is a pitiful ruse under the guise of benevolence.

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